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Could this be the best SBC team ever ??


Very often you will see pundits being asked ‘Who is the best England team ever’, or ‘who is the best Rangers or Celtic team ever’ and as you well know, opinions are varied and sometimes controversial. Bearing all that in mind, we offer the challenge, could the 2006 Yellow Group be the ‘best Scotland Boys Club team of all time’. It’s not really for us to say, as it is all opinionated, but certainly without a shadow of a doubt they are way up there in the top five. When we realise that since 1966 (50 years) there have been almost 1000 squads, to be in the top five is an achievement all in itself.

This squad, known internally as the ‘sunshine yellows’ in sharp contrast to the recent ‘magnificent purples’, have always been in a class of their own at that age group. There was never a team that could even come close to them at this age group. In five years, they rarely lost locally and played in competitions and tournaments all over Europe with outstanding performances, impeccable behaviour, and an attitude that was second to none. Their attention to detail was exquisite, their flexibility in position matters was unchallenged, and these kids just never, ever gave up. They were a joy to watch, a joy to coach, and a bunch of kids with an unmistakeable ‘can do’ attitude. In additional to the ‘sunshine yellows’ we have two 2006’s super-stars who have also migrated from the 2005 ‘magnificent purples’. The roller coaster never stops running at this Academy.

They were nurtured by two ‘legend’ mentors in Stuart Mackay and Brien Friel who gave more time and effort to these kids that they did to their daytime jobs. One of the first squads to get involved in twice a week coaching which then became hindered by the number of senior teams that invited these kids in. Some had not only one offer on the table, but some with two, three and even four offers on the table. It is an absolutely incredible achievement. We are just so fortunate to have had such a bundle of superstars. Now please note some of these names, as we can rest assure you some will go ‘the whole road’. We wish them all well.

The Academy is so fortunate and proud to have retained the services of Messrs Mackay & Friel on another five-year contract valued at 25 king size ‘Mars’ bars. They are ‘starting at the beginning again’ with 2010, 2011, and 2012. Who is to say that history won’t repeat itself. We certainly hope so.





Some of the ‘Sunshine Yellows’ with coaches Mackay & Friel at a mini Awards Ceremony at Hamilton Palace just before Xmas.