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Scotland Boys Club – Academy of Football is a ‘boys & girls’ non profit making football Academy which provides youngsters aged between 5 years and 12 years with an opportunity to participate in receiving weekly coaching sessions by voluntary SFA qualified coaches. A monthly fee (standing order) is payable to cover overheads, pitches, league fees, affiliation fees, insurance, expenses etc. If your son / daughter is accepted into the Academy, you will need to obtain the playing AND training kit for them. See the Buy Club Kit page.

Scotland Boys Club

As well as this, provided the ‘student’, as they are appropriately named, are of a level of competence where we feel they can participate comfortably, without any pressure, in non-competitive four-a-side and/or seven-a-side football games, we will indeed provide this facility for them, again on a regular weekly basis. The Academy also operate independently as an unofficial ‘platform’ for any professional senior club who operate Development Centres to progress youngsters who will eventually ‘promote’ to their Professional Youth set-up. So in effect, that opportunity is available for your child if he progresses to that level through our coaching sessions and games.

Scotland Boys ClubShould we feel that the ‘student’ has not yet reached that level of comfortableness, then we will continue working with them on a weekly basis through one to one coaching to improve their skills until they have reached the required level of competence.

It is at this point that we will provide regular matches for them on a weekly basis.


Would you like your son or daughter to join our ‘professional’ Academy of Football?

If the answer to this question is ‘YES’ then you can do so by any of the methods below…

Complete the Online General Enquiry Form

This can be viewed and completed here.

By Telephoning Us

Call … Bobby McDonald – Academy Director - 07922121722

By Direct Email

Email us direct for further details – [email protected]

By booking a slot to attend some of our training sessions

Why not book a slot and come along to training on any of the designated training nights – click here to see our Training Times Page which gives you details on how to book a slot.