Enjoy your visit? – Now it’s time to join?

Your trial period.

I assume that you have now attended some of our training sessions and hopefully enjoyed them.  If you have, and you wish to continue in the Academy, then there is a formal process that you now have to go through.


Speak to the Academy Director.

You must speak to the Academy Director, Bobby Mc Donald, and discuss your child’s progress.   He will in turn speak to the coaches involved in training and observing your child over the last few weeks.



Decision Time.

There are three decisions that can be made.  Firstly, we may be in a position to offer your child a place in one of our squads immediately.  Secondly, we may have to put your child on a reserve list and offer you a position in a squad when a place becomes available, but of course your child can continue training with the Academy.  Thirdly, your child may not quite be at the required level of ability to be offered a position with one of the squads, but of course we can continue to offer him/her ‘training only’ and they will be monitored/reviewed over the next six months.

Whichever Decision we Make.

Whatever decision we make, the choice will ultimately be yours as to what you want to do.  If you do decide to stay with the Academy, whether it is Decision 1, Decision 2, or Decision 3, you must then go through our standard enrolment procedure.


Enrolment Procedure.

Whether you are joining a squad, staying on a reserve list and continuing training, or following the ‘training only’ path, you must follow our standard enrolment procedure.  The procedure is very straight forward. Firstly you must advise the Academy Director.  This can be done by telephone (07922121722) or by e-mail ([email protected]), or by word of mouth.

You must then fill out an Enrolment / Consent Form  and e-mail over to us. You will be allocated a squad number by the Academy and the next thing you must do is buy the current Scotland Home Strip. This should be purchased from Greaves Sports in Glasgow (see ‘Buy Club Kit’ page).

The strip must have his squad number put on by Greaves (official Adidas Junior numbers) as detailed on the ‘Buy Club Kit’ page.

Finally, you must set up a Standing Order by printing off the Mandate and handing it in to your Bank, or just going online if you have online banking, and setting it up online.

Current amount is detailed on the Standing Order Mandate.  This must be set up to come off your Bank of the 28th of each calendar month.

What happens next?

When your first ‘standing order’ comes off your Bank, we will automatically order your child a ‘Training Kit’ free of charge.  Now this can take up to eight weeks as it comes from Thailand.  Whilst you are waiting on this coming your child should wear his new ‘Scotland Kit’ to training.  Once your child has joined, it is expected that you will order him a new Scotland Training Tracksuit, Sweatshirt, and Outdoor Jacket for presentation and of course for the cold weather.  These will all be branded with the name of the Academy and your squad number on it.  They can be ordered through our ‘Online Shop’. You can also buy ‘all weather jackets, gloves, tammies and of courses scarves. All of this equipment can also be ordered online for parents. Let’s be real supporters of the Academy.



Enjoy your time with us and remember if you have any problems or issues, please contact the Academy Director.

Bobby Mc Donald (Mobile 07922121722)

E-Mail; [email protected]