SBC Coaching Clinics

SBC Coaching Clinics

Professional Football Coaching and Consultancy Services

SBC Coaching Clinics

SBC Coaching Clinics

Professional Football Coaching & Consultancy Services is a service which provides professional football coaching and consultancy services to footballing organisations, schools, colleges, youth clubs, leisure centres, senior clubs, junior clubs and to individuals both North and South of the Border. It is owned and run independently as a business by Bobby Mc Donald, and is completely detached from Scotland Boys Club – Academy of Football.

The services include:
  • Conducting coaching services to youth teams, clubs, and professional youth squads.
  • The setting up of professional Youth Academies from recruitment & selection matters, registration policies, coaching and development plans, appraisal systems and Child Protection issues.
  • Taking ‘Football in the Community’ sessions for a variety of senior clubs.
  • Providing training on a variety of legal aspects including Child Protection issues.
  • The provision of legal documentation including Child Protection Policies, Club Constitutions and diversity issues.
  • Provision of advice and training in relation to complex legal matters relating to the football world in terms of Equal Opportunities and Harassment issues.
  • Setting up and running ‘summer camps’ and ‘coaching schools’.
  • One to one coaching with individuals as required.
  • Consultation services on all matters relating to football.
  • Running skills courses for first time coaches and youth coaches.
  • Running refresher skills courses for qualified coaches.
  • This list is non-exhaustive.

Young Football PlayersSBC Coaching Clinics provide football training for beginners (starting at age 5) to young talented players as well as professional youth players up to the age of sixteen years on a one to one basis as well as on a group basis. We can also provide qualified coaches for boys & girls football clubs or individuals looking to step up their game. It is never too late to get expert advice and improvement tips.

Our programs range from individual training sessions, customised development programmes, Summer Camps and one day workshops. These programmes are designed for youngsters who are quite happy playing with their local boys club, or indeed local footballing organisations including schools, colleges, and community groups but want to benefit from additional coaching programmes.

We are also very keen to offer our support for local communities by running some coaching sessions and demonstration sessions free of charge. There are also coaching courses available to all coaches from first time to experienced coaches. There are also refresher sessions available for qualified coaches.

If you want to study and play football at an advanced level we have also set up partnerships with some boarding schools and private education institutions to offer you a high quality package at very competitive prices. These packages are available to youth organisations, schools and colleges, and will eventually be available to international students wishing to come to the UK to study and improve their football skills.

Our ever growing network has successfully expanded over the years to create close relationships with many English clubs and we are now currently investigating links with European clubs and eventually South American clubs. We will be putting such experience at your disposal to help YOU reach your goals.

Coaching Clinic

SBC Coaching Clinics offers customised programmes aimed at boosting the performance of football teams that are struggling to meet their targets or that want to get an “outsiders view” on their training methods. Remember; with SBC Coaching Clinics football always comes first, fun being a very close second. We make every effort to make sure that participants get exactly what they want out of our coaching sessions.

SBC Coaching Clinics

SBC Coaching Clinics ensure the correct level of coaching

To make sure that students get the right level of coaching and they are assigned to a group that has the same level of skills/expectations, we will assess the individual (or teams) starting level before registering them for the course of their choice.

Day or Residential Workshops

In our Summer Camps we accept students both on a residential basis (by providing accommodation and meals) as well as on a ‘coaching only’ basis. The choice will be up to you.

Professional Coaching

Good training is vital for the development of football skills, especially at a younger age. At SBC Coaching Clinics we not only have qualified coaches, but coaches who will motivate and coach students using all the knowledge and expertise that we have gained over the years.  We pride ourselves from having relationships with many top Scottish and English football clubs that are regularly visiting our Academy and sending scouts to our training camps based on our recommendations.

Intensive Training Program

We provide students with focused and intense coaching that will help improve their skills and overcome their weaknesses. We expect commitment on the students’ side as such training can be at times very demanding both physically and mentally.

Summer Camps and Residential Coaching Days

Young Football PlayerSBC Coaching Clinics has partnered with several independent, co-educational boarding schools for 5 to 16 year olds. Its purpose is to prepare all its pupils to fulfil their potential in higher education and in adult life. Each of the Colleges that we use has the benefit of superb facilities and seeks the highest standards in academic work, music, sport, drama and in all other activities. We believe that all pursuits should be aimed at bringing about a respect for others, a sense of service to the community and a desire to use individual talents to the full. Together with such educational institutions we have devised Special programs that will allow students to excel both in their academic and football career. We also intend using these facilities for some of our Summer Camps and Residential Coaching sessions.

Typical ‘one day’ Summer Camp Program

  • 9.00   am       Arrival at venue. Changed into kit.
  • 9.30   am       Warm up & Fitness Improvement Training (Football Specific)
  • 10.30 am       Football Training (Skills refinement)
  • 13.00 pm       Lunch
  • 14.00 pm       Football Theory Lesson
  • 15.00 pm       Football Training (Football Tactics and Game Strategies)
  • 15.30 pm       Match (usually against local opposition).
  • 17.30 pm       End of the Day

We can help your Football Club to achieve its Goals by:

Training your Bodies

By using the latest training techniques we can get players to improve their stamina, speed, accuracy and skills. We use innovative training methods and cutting edge technology to deliver excellent results.

Training your Minds

Young FootballersThe difference between great players and good players is very often how they react under pressure and how they perform when it really counts.

At SBC Coaching Clinics we teach YOU how to break that barrier and always give 100% of what you have got, no matter what.

Training YOU to be a Team

Most of the times winning teams are those that can work together.  Some say that a good team should be one where the total value is greater that the values of each individual added together.

At SBC Coaching Clinics we have devised our very special techniques aimed at helping you work together better.

Football Team

Goalkeeping Development Centre

Our Goalkeeping Development Centre will provide a development programme for aspiring goalkeepers. At SBC Coaching Clinics we believe that goalkeepers are often overlooked and do not get the attention and technical guidance they deserve or require. SBC Coaching Clinics has developed a relationship with the country’s top Goalkeeping Clinics, who will provide the best training available from top qualified goalkeeping coaches.


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