At the Academy

The ‘New Kid’ on the block

SBC ImageScotland Boys Club – Academy of Football enlists youngsters from the age of five years to begin a pathway which will lead to them enjoying the game of football in a non-competitive, non threatening environment. They will receive professional coaching from voluntary SFA qualified coaches on a regular basis (weekly) and will pay a monthly subscription fee. Once their skills improve, they will eventually get involved in bounce games amongst themselves and will learn how to play as a team. You will be informed of their progress on a regular basis.

There is no need to purchase any kit at this stage or pay any fees. He/she should ‘try it’ for a few weeks, and if he/she ‘likes it’ and wishes to continue, you should then fill out an official enrolment form (available online or from Richard Bullough – Operations Manager), arrange to set-up a direct debit for your subscription fee, and arrange for him to get a ‘squad number’. Once your ‘first direct debit’ has come out your bank account, the Academy will order your youngster a Training Top, Shorts, and Socks (takes a couple of weeks). There is no charge for this, your first direct debit pays for this. If you want to order a Tracksuit, a Heavy Rain Jacket, and a bag… you can do that at your leisure. If you want to order other kit, see samples, or prices then see our Buy Club Kit page.

Regular Training & Coaching

SBC ImageIt normally takes about six months of regular weekly coaching until youngsters develop the confidence, co-ordination and ability to be able to cope with ‘real games. We therefore take our time to ensure that any games we do organise are very light-hearted fun games rather that competitive challenges.

However, some youngsters have natural talent and will move up the ladder a lot quicker than others, or perhaps you have come from another Boys Club… and will go straight into a squad. No matter what, we will ensure that your child progress at THEIR rate and will not be pushed into situations that they are not ready for.

Ready for the Squad?

Club KitPart of the process will involve youngsters getting ‘kitted out’ in our official uniform which is the training kit as described above, and getting the OFFICIAL SCOTLAND STRIP (which you must purchase yourself).

Now if you are following the normal process (above) he will be given a unique squad number which will go on all of his/her kit. It is also Academy practice that they get their squad number on all of their ‘playing kit’ i.e. the latest Scotland Home Kit. It must be numbered (Top & Shorts) with the official ADIDAS junior numbers otherwise they will be too big. They are now ‘ready for the squad’.

Games at last !!!!!

Games at lastOnce your child has been promoted to a squad within the Academy, they will then participate in friendly games against ‘real teams’. This is the first rung on that ladder of future success. These games are normally within the central belt but can occasionally be all over Scotland and even occasionally in England, Ireland and Wales. Our home park(s) are in South Lanarkshire, North Lanarkshire and Glasgow.

Scotland Boys Club – Academy of Football boast some of the best playing and training facilities in Scotland – in fact some senior clubs do not have access to some of our facilities that we are currently using.

Getting better…?

Getting Better?The next movement is the progression to League football which is of a much higher standard and of course involves regular organised games. Our teams play in a number of organised leagues including the East Renfrewshire Soccer Development Association, Central Scotland Football Development Association, West Lothian Soccer Sevens, and the Glasgow and District League.

Our policy at the Academy is to promote ‘evenly matched’ teams when there are two squads and not to have a strong team and a weaker team. Students (as they are known) can move from one team to the other but we like to encourage stability and keep them playing with the groups they are used to.

Who’s watching me now?

Who's Watching NowAs the students get older, they become the target for professional scouts and professional youth development centres. This involves youngsters training with these squads one or two evenings a week and again progressing to a point where eventually they will sign for these teams as part of their pro-youth development teams.

Those who are not strong enough to join a professional youth squad need not worry as the Academy may provide a further pathway and a progression route to eleven a side football.

Committed to the ‘Scotland’ Cause

Committed to the Scotland Cause

Scotland Boys Club – Academy of Football are known and respected all over the world and have travelled all over the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA playing in tournaments and representing their country.

The students, coaches AND their parents are totally dedicated to the cause. Representing their club, their country and promoting the need for friendship and fun is part of our mission statement. This message is preached to our kids as young as five years of age and is reinforced throughout their ‘Academy’ life.

Professional Link Up

Jamie, Ryan & Leon at the Hearts Academy
Professional Link Up

As described above, many of our youngsters will move into professional Academies where they will progress to the next level of excellence. We have very strong links with a number of senior Scottish clubs and several English clubs.

The ‘Scottish’ professional game has suffered a multitude of changes in recent years. One of the key changes is that senior clubs are now ‘recruiting’ kids at seven and eight years of age as the only way they can survive is to promote youth development. Scotland Boys Club act as a ‘mini recruitment’ agency for these clubs by short listing and by getting the youngsters ready through our early development programme as described above. It is indeed a chance in a lifetime.

Liam & Anthony at Celtic Academy 

Liam & Anthony at Celtic Academy



Darren at the Aberdeen Academy


Ross at the Aberdeen Academy

Is it time to go ?

Is it time to go

Eventually, our little five year olds will have to move on. Hopefully it will be to a senior professional Academy where they will develop and become professional footballers. It is a sad time for us when they move on – but if they want to make the grade then this is what has to happen. We provide full support during this period and kids and parents always know that if it doesn’t work out, our door will always remain open for their return. Scotland Boys Club has produced over 1100 professional footballers in their 40 odd years in the business – long may it continue.

Fancy joining? – Click Here – Your child could be the next soccer ‘superstar’ or member of Scotland’s future ‘dream team’.