Buy Club Kit

In order to actively participate in Scotland Boys Club training sessions and games each student must purchase the full kit as detailed below. Click Here to go to the Kit Order Form Download.

What is involved in the ‘kit’?

ITEM: Full Official Scotland ‘Home Strip’


When your child has came along to a few ‘trial sessions’ and we made either the decision to put him/her straight into a squad, or put them on a reserve list (but continue to train), or even decide that they were going to be doing ‘training only’,  they must purchase the current Scotland Home strip.     You must purchase this yourself and remember it must be the official Scotland HOME strip. 

Scotland Boys Club do not take orders for this.  You must contact the Academy Director, Bobby Mc Donald (07922121722) or e-mail [email protected] to get your ‘official squad number’.


Number Printing: Please phone Dee Sports for an Appointment the day before the printing is required advising of number to be printed as these have to be cut to size.  Drop ins are not accepted due to the high demand the shop experience and therefore the kit will have to be left one day and collected the next. Back Numbers £2 per number Shorts Number £2 per set   Dee Sports 287 Dundyvan Road Coatbridge ML5 4AU  01236 432552 [email protected] Open Mon-Fri 9.15am – 5.15pm Satuday 9.15am – 1pm. Sunday Closed.

NB: When the SFA ‘change’ the home strip, you must buy the new strip within one month of its launch.

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