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A brief history...

Scotland Boys Club – Academy Of Football

Scotland Boys ClubScotland Boys Club was founded in 1966 by a group of pals in the Maryhill / Cadder / Possil areas of Glasgow. The founder members, Jim Mc Cue, Brian Carlin, Charlie Fallon, and Ian Wilson decided to build a Club to compete with the Celtic and the Rangers Boys Clubs that dominated Scotland in times where poverty prevailed.

The Club started with ONE age group in 1966 which eventually was built up in the seventies and eighties to a huge club with nine age groups.

The club developed a strong reputation over the years, and travelled all over the world to places such as Canada, U.S.A., Germany, Holland, and Belgium. The highlight of the club’s history was their success in the Robbie International Youth Tournament in Toronto, Canada, at U.13’s level where the students playing front of several thousand ex-patriots.

Scotland Boys Club

This competition has now been mirrored by the world famous U.S.A. Cup, in Minnesota, in the United States. At home, the club in the last 40 something years, has won eleven Scottish Cups and almost 100 local and International trophies. A remarkable record of achievement. During that period of time we have produced an around 1100 professional football players. Some of our old players have even become MANAGERS in their own right, and are still frequenting the soccer industry. The list of ex-players would take an entire website of its own to name them all. And no, they are not all Maradonas, Zidanes or Ronaldinhos – but still – PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLERS… and that is what it is all about.

Our long term goal is to provide professional clubs who we have a very close relationship with, a ready made ‘nursery of students’ who will be at a level of excellence where they will adapt very quickly to the structure and develop into professional footballers. In effect, we are doing the ‘shortlisting’ of available youngsters at a very early age, and providing Clubs with a ready made string of talent.

The main aim of the Academy
  • To improve our students technically, physically, tactfully and socially.
  • To promote skill, fun, enthusiasm and enjoyment.
  • To encourage students to make friends and learn the game of football.
What we expect from you and your child
  • A very high standard of attendance
  • A high standard of manners and behaviour.
  • To be punctual for training and games.
  • To inform us if you cannot manage to training or games.
  • To purchase the Academy’s recommended ‘playing and training’ kit on an annual basis as directed by the Academy Director.
  • To participate in fund raising and sponsorship if requested.
  • To pay subscriptions on a monthly basis as directed by the Academy.
  • A communication channel (dialogue) at every stage of the student’s development within the Academy.
What you can expect from the Academy
  • Qualified SFA coaches to provide expert tuition.
  • A complete commitment to quality and Health & Safety during activities.
  • Provision of at least ONE holiday per year financed by the parents/guardians.
  • Regular communication through one to one sessions with parents/guardians, annual appraisals and a regular update of news available on this web site.
  • Adherence to Equal Opportunity Policies, Harassment and Bullying Policies and Child Protection Policies.
  • A guarantee that all coaches (and peripheral staff) are Disclosure Scotland checked (enhanced disclosures).
  • An allocation of a named Child Protection official.
  • An Annual ‘Awards Ceremony’ where parents / guardians / coaches can meet up for a fun evening.
  • A Grievance procedure and an Appeal procedure where there is a dispute.
  • A Disciplinary procedure and an Appeal procedure.